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The Darebin Creek faces pressures from development. As Melbourne continues to grow and consolidate, parcels of land along the Darebin Creek are being developed into housing in the urban areas. In the rural areas farming land is being converted into housing estates. DCMC is working with Council and developers to gain better outcomes for the Darebin Creek, influencing planning applications and educating new residents of their impact on the Darebin Creek and ways to reduce these impacts.

Continuing residential, industrial, and other development is a constant threat to the natural environment and aesthetic values of the Darebin Creek Catchment and surrounding parklands. The Darebin Creek Management Committee aims to work with developers in the area to address any issues that may arise, and determine practical solutions that will help protect and conserve the values of the surrounding area whilst allowing sustainable development. Some of the issues facing the park in relation to development are:

•  Position of development on the landscape

•  Building Heights

•  Building materials and drainage

•  Landscaping and screening

The following documents can be accessed for extended information on planning and development issues in the Darebin Creek Catchment:

Planning considerations for the Darebin Creek: Provides an informative overview of issues facing the catchment and its surrounds.

Vegetation Communities of the Darebin Creek Catchment: Provides relevant information about the types of landscape throughout the catchment.

Recommended Flora for Re-vegetation around Darebin Creek: Access to a preferred species list used by the DCMC in planning application reviews. Useful tool for developers to determine suitable native plant life for re-vegetation and screening purposes.