About the Darebin Creek Management Committee

Our Vision

The Darebin is a healthy and natural creek supporting thriving communities of plants and animals. A place where the connections of people and nature are appreciated and deepened. Darebin Creek brings communities together as a place of discovery, recreation, restoration and celebration.

Our Mission

Darebin Creek Management Committee is the custodian of this Vision. We work with communities, Governments and other landholders to achieve this vision through:

  • Advocating to all levels of government to ensure the ecological and social values of Darebin Creek are protected and enhanced.
  • Promoting and assisting a consistent catchment-wide approach to managing all matters affecting the health of the creek.
  • Facilitating a co-ordinated approach among creek corridor land managers with an emphasis on co-operation, information exchange and resource sharing.
  • By agreement with landowners, managing creek parklands to protect, restore and improve ecological function and social value
  • Promoting the Creek lands as places for informal recreation, respite from the urban environment, and a green byway for a more pleasant and safer journey.
  • Encouraging local communities to appreciate the natural and social values of the creek, and foster their direct involvement in programs and activities designed to protect and enhance these values.
  • Improving knowledge and understanding of the ecological and social functioning of the creek, and sharing these through education programs.
  • Expanding our capacity to achieve and influence by diversifying our funding base.

Our History

The Darebin Creek Management Committee Inc. (DCMC) was formed in 2001 by amalgamating the Darebin Creek Co-ordinating Committee and the Darebin Parklands Committee of Management. These two Committees have been operating since their inception in 1984 and 1973 respectively. The Committee share a common interest in improving the Darebin Creek and adjoining open space.

The DCMC consists of seven member organisations: the local government areas Darebin Creek flows through, being Banyule, Darebin, Whittlesea and Yarra, La Trobe University, and the community organisations Friends of Darebin Creek and the Darebin Parklands Association.

The Committee has made many achievements in retaining open space and protecting the natural environment along the Darebin Creek Valley.