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Darebin Creek Diary

Darter Drama Part 1

Darebin Parkland’s serenity was disrupted by an unfolding drama involving a distressed waterbird earlier this month. Reports started arriving early into the rangers office from concerned park users regarding a bird with material lodged on it’s beak. On inspection, staff found an exhausted but still elusive Darter.

Darters spear their prey with their sharp beak and it seems this one mistook some litter for prey and found itself in strife. Wildlife Victoria were contacted and the chase was on.

Josh from Wildlife Victoria and Mark and Ebony from Zoos Victoria arrived to join in the rescue with ranger Pete. After hours of searching and failed attempts, the Darter was finally corralled by the team and netted by Zoos Vet Ebony on the shared path much to the amusement of onlookers. The cotton material, possibly remnants of a bandage, was promptly removed from the beak and the emaciated bird was taken by Mark and Ebony for further care.

Update to be provided soon…