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The Darebin Creek Education Program (DCEP) seeks to engage schools and the community in valuing and protecting their local waterways. We run creek education activities that are locally based, hands-on and engaging. Our creek education excursions and incursions are free thanks to funding from your local council. Contact us to arrange a visit to your school or an excursion to your local creek or river, or to the Darebin Parklands in Alphington. The DCEP is run by Darebin Creek Management Committee.

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  • Student Engagement – choose from a number of hands-on and engaging activities suitable for students from Foundation to 12.

  • Flexible delivery – creek excursions and school incursions both available.

  • Further resources including curriculum links, online resources and student surveys are all available on request.

  • Excursions can be arranged to the Darebin Parklands in Alphington.

  • All sessions are free thanks to ongoing funding from our member councils: Banyule, Darebin, Whittlesea and Yarra. 


What Is That Waterbug?

Students investigate waterbugs (freshwater macroinvertebrates) that live in the Darebin Creek. They use spoons to catch waterbugs from creek water in trays, and identify bugs using supplied charts. The type and number of bugs identified will give the students clues about the health of the wetland or creek. A very popular activity!

Water Testing

Students become real life water scientists by investigating the health of water from the creek. They get their own samples of water straight from the creek and conduct a number of different tests including temperature, pH, salinity and turbidity using a scientific testing kit. Students discuss their results and the effects of water pollution.

The Catchment Story

Students dress up and role-play people living along the Darebin Creek. Characters add different pollutants to “The Darebin Creek” and we discover that if a lot of people add a little bit of pollution, we get an unhealthy creek. A memorable activity and a great introduction to the topics we cover.

Fascinating Frogs

Tune in to the sounds of a noisy wetland and join the excitement of listening to and identifying the frogs of Melbourne. Using large pictures and pre-recorded frog breeding calls, students learn about the frogs that live in their local creeks and wetlands.

Note: we don’t use live frogs.

Students conduct an environmental clean-up of the school grounds or creek side grassland using supplied gloves, bags and tongs. They record the items found and then investigate the data, to find out which litter items are the most numerous. A hands-on activity suitable for all ages, with real world outcomes.

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