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Education for Schools

DCMC offer free creek-based environmental education excursions and incursions to schools and community groups located in the Darebin Creek Catchment. All activities are engaging, interactive and fun. Activities available include:

What Is That Waterbug?

Students catch and identify live waterbugs (freshwater macroinvertebrates) that live in the creek or nearby wetlands. Identification of waterbugs can indicate the health of the stream. Note: not available during winter.

Water Testing

Students become real-life water scientists and use scientific equipment to test the water quality of the creek. They test water for a number of factors such as salinity, turbidity, acidity and the presence of chemical pollutants. Best done as an excursion to the creek. Most appropriate for grades 3 and up.

The Catchment Story

Using a large map of the creek catchment, students role-play a ‘Day in the Life’ of the Darebin Creek. Students dress up and pretend to be people living along the Darebin Creek. Each character adds a different pollutant to creek water and discover that if a lot of people add a little bit of pollution, we get an unhealthy creek. A popular and memorable activity for primary classes.

Fascinating Frogs

Students learn about the lives and calls of eight frog species living in their local creeks and wetlands. We then play Frog Bingo where students try to match up frog calls to their pictures. Note: we don’t use live frogs.

Other activities include: Creek Cleanups, Food Webs, and Nestbox Habitats (at Darebin Parklands, Alphington).

Most activities can be brought to your school as an incursion or as an excursion to a suitable nearby location along the Darebin, Findon or Hendersons Creeks.

DCMC can offer this program free to schools and community groups thanks to ongoing funding from Whittlesea, Darebin and Banyule councils.

For enquiries contact Peter or Therese on 9499 4454 or email

In 2014 twenty schools and community groups, including 2000 students, took part in our free education program. This is what they said:

Staff were fantastic! They were very friendly, helpful and spoke at the children’s level allowing them to completely understand some rather in depth information. ‐ Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary, Alphington.

The excursions were fantastic. The children loved them and learnt a lot from them and have been able to incorporate their learning into their classroom activities ‐ Teacher, Holy Name Primary, Reservoir.

Was interactive, was relevant, was exactly what we wanted to learn about

‐ Teacher, Preston North East Primary.