Featured Projects

Nangak Tamboree
Nangak Tamboree is a collaborative project restoring 10 hectares of riparian Grassy Red Gum Woodland on the Darebin Creek through Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Narrap unit cultural practice including burning.
Tamboree to Bundoora Park
This project aims to establish a biodiversity corridor in Reach 4 of Darebin Creek. By recreating suitable habitat, we will be able to dramatically increase the abundance of small native woodland birds along Reach 4.
Monitoring Darebin Creek Wetlands
This project will train volunteers in the sampling and identification of macroinvertebrates so their ecological communities can be monitored using standardized methods.
Darebin Creek Nestboxes for Wildlife
This project ill install and monitor new and existing nest boxes along the Darebin Creek Corridor between Plenty Road and the Darebin Parklands, with the purpose of providing and potentially re-establishing habitat connectivity for tree hollow dependant native fauna.