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Restoring Ivanhoe Floodplain

The Restoring Ivanhoe Floodplain project is a revegetation project to enhance wildlife habitat in the Ivanhoe Floodplain at the Darebin Parklands, funded this year by a Victorian Landcare Grant.

Over the course of the year, there will be multiple community planting days to revegetate an area of the Ivanhoe Floodplain near the Ivanhoe Wetland, to create shrub habitat for small woodland birds so they have an environment where they’re protected from larger species.

The project started with the first Park Care day held on 28th May, planting over 1200 indigenous grasses. The weather was raining, cold and with the creek in minor flood, yet 22 warriors turned up which was inspirational. The second Park Care Day was held on Sunday 25 June and was also a great success, with over 1700 seedlings planted.