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Darebin Creek Diary

Turtles are on the move!

It’s breeding season (Nov-Feb) and there are lots of turtles that live in Darebin Parklands.
You may see them walking around in various locations, especially after it has rained. They can walk kilometres in search of a mate or nesting site to lay their eggs.

What to do if you find one:

  • Observe from a distance! It’s fascinating to watch them but be mindful not to stress it out by standing too close
  • Leave it where it is (unless it’s on a road, path or in immediate danger). They are looking for that perfect nesting spot! Moving them can disorientate them (and they’ll just walk again to try to find a spot). You can call the Rangers on the office phone for advice.
  • Keep dogs on leads! It’s common for wildlife to be attacked/played with by off leash dogs.
  • If in the off-leash area, put your dog on a lead until you’re away from the vicinity of the turtle.