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Fauna Monitoring

Nestbox fauna monitoring along the Darebin Creek


There are currently 58 nestboxes along the Darebin Creek in four clusters, between Reservoir and Thornbury. These have been installed and maintained by DCMC and monitored by volunteers. In order to protect the inhabitants, we haven’t publicly disclosed their exact location.

In 2023 City of Darebin bush crew installed 50 nestboxes along the creek on the Darebin side to increase habitat connectivity for hollow-dependant fauna. They monitor and maintain these nestboxes along with the boxes in the four clusters.

Banyule bush crew have installed, monitor and maintain a large number of nestboxes on the Banyule side of the creek. They recently recorded a remarkable 84 confirmed Krefft’s gliders, by far the highest number they’ve ever recorded. 

2024 Results

2023 Results



Artichoke Thistle
Blackberry Rubus