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Darebin Creek Weed Watch

How to Get Involved

Learn to identify invasive weeds and help care for the creek!

Invasive weeds are one of the greatest threats to the ecological health of the Darebin Creek Valley. The Darebin Creek Weed Watch project has been set up to help combat the spread of ten of the most invasive weeds along the creek.

By learning how to identify invasive weeds along the creek, you can alert land managers to their location, allowing for their prompt control. This helps to conserve the biodiversity values of the Darebin Creek Valley.

Below are links to instructions for using iNaturalist, and current posts for the project, followed by the weed identification videos. These videos will help you confidently identify 10 priority weeds and record and submit them using the iNaturalist application.

Instructions and posts

Introduction video

Artichoke Thistle
Blackberry Rubus
Bridal Creeper
Cruel Vine
Greater Periwinkle
Narrow leaved Ash
Pampas Lilly of the Valley
Serrated Tussock
South African Weed Orchid
Friends of Darebin Creek