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Revegetating Reach 4 Darebin Creek


This project aims to establish a biodiversity corridor in Reach 4 of Darebin Creek, stretching from Plenty Road to the Ring Road. This is Phase 1 of providing this riparian habitat through the whole of Reach 4. By recreating suitable habitat, we will be able to dramatically increase the abundance of small native woodland birds along this reach of the Darebin Creek.


  • In this project, the riparian planting is supplemented by more intensive planting on adjacent banks below Dunne Street to provide a more intimate, foliage space.
  • Revegetating the Reach 4 stretch in a staged approach over several years, will provide suitable habitat to enable the recovery of small woodland bird populations over a relatively short period of time. By focusing primarily on woody plants, particularly dense shrubs, the revegetation will require minimal maintenance which will be carried out by the Reach 4 Friends of Darebin Creek Group.
  • The habitat requirements of small woodland birds are dense thickets dominated by Melaleuca ericifolia (swamp paperbark), Melicytus dentata (tree violet), Callistemon sieberi (river bottlebrush), and Leptospermum lanigerum (woolly teatree).