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Thursday Crew plant propagation

Over Summer, Ranger Kim collected seed from the park and propagated a few hundred Drooping Sheoaks (Allocasaurina verticillata) and Hedge Wattles (Acacia paradoxa). After months of growing, they were planted back into the park. The Parklands’ volunteer group, the ‘Thursday Crew’, planted around 200 plants into a section of the Tip Site (along the dirt track on the same side as the park offices). The aim is to make this area denser to help keep the weeds down, deter off-leash dogs and expand habitat for wildlife.

Grass seeds have been propagated over the past two months. After sowing 10 trays of seed, Thursday Crew pricked out 4000 plants! Pricking out is where we carefully remove an individual grass seedling from the seedling tray and pot it up into a larger tube. These grasses will also be planted back into the Parklands with many of them already planted at the project site ‘Restoring Ivanhoe Floodplain.’

This is a list of plants the Thursday Crew have propagated:

  • Common Tussock-grass (Poa labillardierei)
  • Sword Tussock-grass (Poa ensiformis)
  • Soft Spear-grass (Austrostipa mollis)
  • Feather Spear-grass (Austrostipa elengantissima)
  • Common Wallaby-grass (Rytidosperma caespitosum)